Paper Pauper Groups

If you’ve made it here, you’re probably checking to see whereabouts you can play pauper at an LGS near you! We’ve sorted the various stores by country and state/province as needed below in the accordions. If you have an addition to the list, use the contact form at the bottom of the page and we’ll add your store to the list.

A quick note on terminology regarding card pools and ban lists:

  • MTGO pool – Only cards printed at common online are permitted
  • Paper pool – Only cards printed at common in paper sets are permitted
  • Combined pool – Cards that are commons on Gatherer are permitted.
  • MTGO Banlist – The official Banlist
  • CK Banlist – The Card Kingdom Banlist
  • Custom Banlist – Consult the store’s site to check

Paper Pauper Playgroups

United States


Campus cards and games 2
Florida, US
Heavily varies, but Tuesday evening and 5$ usually
MTGO Card pool, MTGO Banlist


Game Time
Indianapolis, Indiana
WED (7PM) - $5
MTGO Card pool, MTGO Banlist


Get Your Game On
Ann Arbor, MI
Thursdays @ 6PM - $5
Combined Pool, Custom Banlist

New Mexico

The Eclectic Cave
Albuquerque, NM Sunday, 1PM
MTGO Pool and Banned list.

New York

The Brooklyn Strategist
Brooklyn, NY
Thurs, 6:30pm, $10 fee(3 prize pack per person)
combined pool -custom banned list


Edge of the World
Eugene Oregon
Thursday, 6PM / 1$
CK Banned List


Four Horsemen Comics and Gaming
Waynesburg, PA
FNM and Thursdays on rotation with other formats (6 PM). $5 or $10 entry, depending on schedule.
MTGO card pool and banlist

Owl Central Games
Reading, PA
Sporatic $1000 pauper tournaments, swiss rounds + top 8 / entry fee is 25$
MTGO card pool and banlist

Victory Pointe
Pittsburgh, PA
1st Tuesday of each month, 7pm, $5 entry
CK Banlist


Pat's Games
Austin, Texas
FNM (7PM) - $6
Combined Pool, Custom banlist


Heebeegeebeez Comics and Games
Logan, Utah
Wednesdays at 6pm - $2
Combined Pool, CK banlist


Curio Cavern
Springfield, VA
Every first Saturday of the month, 1 PM / "Entry fee: $5 Rounds: Based on number of participants Prize support: pay out in store credit to all records X-1 or better, matching total entry fees!"
Using the MODO rules & Banlist

The Island Games
Chantilly, VA
Every Tuesday at 7 P.M. 5$ entry fee
MTGO Card pool, MTGO Banlist


British Columbia

Magic Stronghold
Vancouver BC, Canada
Thursdays at 7pm, 5$ entry fee
MTGO Card pool, MTGO Banlist
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