ReBrew: Delve Reanimator

This week on ReBrew, I played a Jund Delve/Reanimator deck. This deck was submitted by our listener NewHJ, and turned out to be a lot more fun than I had thought. The deck relies on big, powerful threats that are easily enabled by the Delve mechanic, allowing them to be cast much sooner than usual. We also get to play the Dragon Fangs and Dragon Breath, which are strong enchantments that enter the battlefield from the graveyard if we play a creature costing 6 mana or more. The absolute nut draw involves a turn 1 Faithless Looting, pitching a Dragon’s Breath and Ulamog’s Crusher, and a turn 2 Exhume. Most decks are hard pressed to beat an 8/8 annihilator!


I used this decklist:


In retrospect, I believe that Vessel of Nascency may be better than Commune With The Gods in the main because it hits more targets, and some amount of Ancient Grudgewould be better than the singleton Nature’s Claim in the board.
Overall, the deck suffers from being a three-color deck in Pauper, which can be tough to pull off, and only having 4 actual reanimator spells. As NewHJ pointed out to me on Reddit, that may be me playing the deck wrong – it is probably correct to think of it more as a Delve deck. It was a blast to play, and if this style of deck appeals to you, try it out!

Here are the videos:

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