3 comments on “Color Commontary Episode 3: Delving Into EMA Speculation

  • davidkain says:

    Great discussion, guys. In general, where would you recommend discussing the podcast? You mentioned on reddit maybe not continuing to post there, though I honestly feel that’s where the best Pauper discussion is right now.

    For next week (assuming you’re not ditching deck review in favor of a full EMA analysis), I have a deck for you guys I’ve absolutely fallen in love with over the past few weeks.

    BR Kuldotha by aokis

    Yeah, it plays Terrarion. But the card is good here, I swear! The deck plays the resource denial game with Crack the Earth and Molten Rain before winning with either an explosive goblin package or Gurmag Angler. I was dubious of the deck at first, but after playing it consistently now for a while (albeit not in league), the deck has a way of winning out of nowhere. Definitely recommend you take it for a spin.

    • I personally didn’t want the reddit threads to become a source of passive annoyance about the podcast. I feel like it could get old in peoples’ eyes really quickly. Discussion on the youtube channel or under these posts is a good option, and occasionally we’ll post on reddit to remind folks we exist. We’ll definitely talk shop about this deck next episode, and thanks so much for sending it in, this stuff is super helpful for us!

      • Loving the show! May I suggest doing a walk through of a deck I love to get into 2-mans with:


        Basically, I think it is about even against any non-blue deck. So not that great, but super fun. Also, I think that new players should know it exists; the last few 2-mans I did the opponents didn’t know what I was doing.

        Anyway, there is a video linked on the tapped out page showing the decks wincons. Keep doing the show, thanks!


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